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These lecture slides are designed to accompany the book Resolving Organizational Conflicts: A Course in Mediation & Systems Design by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith. The slides are available for purchase separate from the book; however, the slides are available to those who purchase the book at no cost. An access code is available in the book's Introduction that allows you to download the slides at no cost. 


These lectures and lecture slides are published together to enable you to access the course and subject matter, and provide you with a set of resources that may encourage you to share your skills and insights with others.


You are welcome to use these materials however you wish; to modify, adapt, and improve them. As conflicts belong to everyone impacted by them, so also do the means of resolving, transforming, and preventing them. Each of these is a significant source of wisdom, and a common heritage for everyone. Please pass them on.

Lecture Slides for Resolving Organizational Conflicts

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