The Darkest Hour: Shedding Light on the Impact of Isolation and Death Row in Texas Prisons by Dr. Betty Gilmore and Nanon M. Williams sheds light on the widespread impact of extreme isolation experienced by thousands of incarcerated individuals in Texas prisons — many of whom will be integrated back into society. This book presents an in-depth view of the Texas prison system with a specific focus on death row and solitary confinement. The impact of living in severely restrictive conditions is examined through a multi-disciplinary lens that incorporates scientific research and expert opinion and includes powerful narratives from men who have been incarcerated for ten or more years and the people that surround them. Factors such as childhood history, attachment, biology, poverty, race and other social influences are explored in relation to the events that led up to incarceration and the subsequent ability to obtain fair treatment throughout the legal process.


In-depth stories of trauma, survival and growth guides readers through the experiences of these men, and the efforts made to preserve their own dignity in the face of adversity.


Watch The Darkest Hour Documentary here.

The Darkest Hour

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